Prospective tenant viewing check

I have just received my first request for a viewing.

Wondering what info you gather on prospective tenants? How can I be sure they are genuine and are not using this as an opportunity to view my property for ulterior (illegal) motives?

Hi Adele,

I always have quite a conversation with a prospective viewer on OpenRent before offering a date. You can tell quite a bit by how they interact. I have a standard reply that goes out on auto asking for line of work, age, reason for liking the house and full names of all prospective tenants. Anyone not serious usually I never hear from again! Hope that might help.

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Hi Sally
Many thanks for responding. That was my plan too but I wanted to check this was not unreasonable. The first person I asked did not reply as you indicated. The second person did so I am arranging a viewing. I have been in the rental business for a long time but always used agents. This is my first time with Open Rent Kind regards

By the way, how do I set up an auto reply?

Hi Adele,
I can’t see that page any more but on the Enquiries page there’s an option to take OpenRent’s fllter of prospective tenants based on your advert OR write an auto reply that pings back within a minute or two to an enquirer. It must have been quite easy cos I managed it!!

Also… OpenRent take the phone number and email which is a little bit of ID check to start with. Hope you find ‘the one’!

Many thanks! Now set up!
Holding thumbs for some lovely tenants! :grinning:
Kind regards