Insurance on HMO landlord in residence

Hi Simple Business insurance will no longer insure my council registered HMO as it has three kitchens and I live in the property,after 21 years with no claims! I cannot find as insurer with acceptable feedback from the couple who will offer a policy. I only want buildings and public liabilty cover and will accept a large excess. several companies have said they will not insure a large HMO if the owner is living in the property, up to them of course but I would think an owner in occupation reduces risk. Rather than insure with a company with several feedbacks for trying to avoid honest claims I will just carry the risk. Anyone know an acceptable company that will insure?this I would prefer. So far qouted £712 annual excess £2500 Victorian semi no issues.Rebuild £380000.four levels five bedsits;three kitchens not in bedsits. Thanks

Try a good broker. I use CIA insurance.

Update,I have now given up and will carry the risk. The underwriters that will insure all have consistent negative feedback for not paying out on claims. When my five year council licence ends I will retire.

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