Landlords insurance for overseas landlord

Hi I have an apartment that I rent out and pay monthly charges that covers the buildings insurance. I need to get a landlords insurance that covers things like if the kitchen gets destroyed or the bathroom fixtures and fittings but when the insurance company quote for contents it is just for white goods, carpets, curtains and light fittings. Also many insurance companies do not insurance if you are not resident in the UK so I need an insurance company that covers my UK flat and I live in Spain. Any advice welcome. thanks

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Hi Deborah,
We’ve had 7 purpose built flats, insured once with Simply Business, excellent broker, but well over £100 per flat annually, so we don’t bother, its cheaper to pay for very rare repairs. Most repair costs are normal wear, so not covered, ie new bath sealant, tile grouting, loo seat, kitchen doors, splashback…

thank you, you make an excellent point here. I am going to cancel mine as well as I have also been quoted around 100 pounds!

The buildings insurance should cover the fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom anyway, but you’d need to see if it covered accidental damage, probably doesn’t.
When I had a flat that included buildings insurance I didn’t get any additional cover. Any contents are the tenant’s liability. So just leaves white goods, if you include them, and it’s unlikely you’d ever need to claim insurance on them.

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