Inventory and check in/out by landlord

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I would like to do inventory, check in and out by myself. Wondering if there is a template and guide on how to do it? Many thanks in advance

By the way, In my past experiences, deposit scheme is not helping the landlord. sometimes even damaged wardrobe and shower screen are not considered “damages”, in the past 10 years, what i spent on inventory check-in and out is always more than what i can get back from the tenant, no matter how much the damage is!

I use InventoryHive, with a Theta 360 degree camera.

Provides a very thorough system if you want to spend the time doing it right (Takes about 1 hour).

I have used Smarter Inventories for DIY inventory. It all looks very professional and is cost effective.

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I also use inventory Hive. It is very easy and very professional

i am going to use the template provided on the NRLA website (National Landlord Association)

The NRLA one looks very simplistic. Do you intend to modify this to include any photographs? I’d certainly not feel ‘covered’ not having any signed / agreed photos.

It is very simplistic but i am going to insert photos where needed. Must admit i have rented properties for 10 years now through high street agents but when there have been problems to sort out the agent has liased with My Deposit and i have got very little in way of contribution from the tenant. Must admit though i am not convinced that i was told the truth about the outcome as i feel repairs and deposits are letting agents way of making up for the loss of the application fees they can no longer charge the tenant

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