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Has anyone used openrent inventory service? I find that the tenants don’t value inventory done by the landlord, they like glossy paid ones. I also find that check out process if done by an agent it may be lot more smoother. Has anyone had experiences with openrent services? What is the least expensive way of check in check out inventory photo s and quick online saving options?

No sorry, I do it myself. Its not the tenant that has to like it, its the Deposit scheme if you ever have to claim.

Thanks David
I agree. My feeling is that the deposit protection adjudicators probably value the authencity of professional inventories more and they are actually more in favour of the tenants when the deposit is claimed by the landlord even when the necessary evidence is provided.

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I think they probably do, but if you do it professionally enough then its perfectly acceptable to the schemes. I have a 6 page written inventory for my flats that describes everything down to the condition of the archtrave around the doors. I supplement this with about 200 photos on a disk signed by the tenant.

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I paid for Open Rent inventory, terrible service, really rude man, and basically never got it - nor a refund. So lost £80.

Personally I never use these third party things anymore, just find your own.

There are plenty of companies out there.

wow David
good work, photos are a hard work for me, especially when there is a turnaround every 12 months sometimes. DPS did not even bother to validate my photo’s despite dates, I think TDS is better. More worrying, I don’t know how things will turn against landlords when single ombudsman system for complaints set up. Hoping it won’t come up after March 2023. For a minority of bad landlords, the whole system as such feels punitative towards landlords anyway.
For new tenancies I will now do assured deposits as opposed to custodial, atleast the money is there for use until the tenancy ends.
If you have a basic template of main headings for a inventory on a word or pdf, please share if you don’t mind.
Thanks Shantala

Its based on the NRLA template. You might want to think about joining. Its worth it for the free docs

thanks David
once I paid for gas safety certificate on openrent, the guy never turned up. So I was skeptical of using their one to one service again. I will see local individual prifessionals who can do it rather than a company where in communication can suffer at times.

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I use them all the time and never had a bad service.

I used openrent service for checkout inventory 3 times and it was absolutely fine.
Only once they read the wrong metre but I pointed out and they went back to re read it and provided me with a new amended inventory.

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thanks Eva, I will try them.

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