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Just rented out my property for the first time this week. Tenants have a reasonably good week and a settling in nicely. We had a request from them for a copy of the inventory. Legally, we know that we not obligated to send them this. I was just wondering if anyone knows if this would be an issue if we did send it to them and is it it a good idea to do so?

Please share your views.


I always share the inventory report with my tenants. There’s even a section on the report for their signatures. In the event of a dispute, how would you prove anything to the adjudicator if the other party had never received a copy of the inventory report at the start of the tenancy? The inventory report is there for both tenants and landlords.


Tenants should have opportunity to view, highlight inaccuracies and to sign the inventory.

It will carry less weight if it remains unsigned, to protect yourself get it signed by tenant.


You should always have two signed copies of the inventory, with one being for the tenant.

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Er… there’s a lot you’re not legally obliged to do but which helps a tenancy run smoothly. Once you’ve got the legalities sorted, think of everything else as being for the purpose of making life easier for all concerned. Ask yourself this: why would it be a good idea not to give them a copy of the inventory?

At the end of the tenancy, they’re going to be held accountable for the state of the property. Without knowing what standard they’re held accountable to, expect to run into trouble when you start claiming for damage that they claim they didn’t do. When that dispute goes to arbitration, it’s not going to help your cause when they state that they never received a copy of the inventory.

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And please tell us you know how to protect a deposit, issue PI and scheme leaflet, and that before they signed tenancy agreement, you had them sign to say they’d received valid EPC, gas and electrical certs along with the latest How to Rent.


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