Is a section 21 bad for future rental referencing


Thanks for any help in advance.

My assured fixed term contract is coming up for renewal quite soon. the landlord tried to make a quite a significant rent increase to sign a new contract and I have been in negotiation with him since. It has dragged - which won’t be an issue if we agree on something but it might be a problem if we don’t as it will mean I definitely won’t have time to find somewhere before the contract expires.

I know that if we don’t make an agreement it could potentially go to rolling month at a time, but it is more likely he is going to say he wants me out. If this happens he may issue a section 21 on me, and I am curious if that could affect future referencing.

Just to clarify: I have always paid my rent on time, will continue to do so, and won’t let things go to the stage where a court order is needed.

I only need to stay longer than the initial year because I need sufficient time to find somewhere new.