Is my property HMO with 3 adults in it

I have a 3 bedroom new property with 3 WCs an ensuite to one bedroom and a family bathroom services the other two bedrooms.
The property has a large separate lounge and a separate kitchen diner.

A brother and sister from the same family and then a separate family friend wish to rent together all being on the AST.Therefore there are two families.I live in East Devon where it quotes 5 or more people make it an HMO … My question is … Is this deemed an HMO ? The list of properties in my Local Authority all list 5 or more people are deemed HMO property.There are no properties register as HMO with only 3 people in them.

I have asked Local Authority for a reply or confirmation but they are slow in giving a response.All help gratefully received

Three or more people from 2 or more households makes it an HMO. It isn’t a mandatory licensable HMO and would only be licensable if East Devon have an Additional Licensing scheme in place covering 3 and 4 person HMOs. However, you would be subject to the full HMO Management Regulations which will still have much of the same requirements.

Many thanks for your most helpful reply.That is also my interpretation that it does not need a licence - where can I view the definitive HMO Management Regs ? are they the ones on Gov site ? I will try and get a reply from East Devon District Council to be absolutely sure that I don’t need a licence.

Yes, thats right. Do a google search