Is OpenRent losing its edge?

Has anyone else experienced the OpenRent portal slowing down of late? Have been using OR for last 7 years on multiple properties with out a hitch but yesterday my property (already verified and was my first OR property in 2016) took over 14 hours to even appear on OR, is still not live on RightMove and SMS notifications for enquires are non existent!! Are tech standards slipping? :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi @Hamish -

Are tech standards slipping?

Thanks for posting, I can see since you posted your property late last night, you already have 16 tenant enquiries as of time of writing - hopefully that shows there are no technical issues. Your property can be held up from being published if additional security checks are required, so this isn’t (and has never been) instant and does vary from user to user / property to property depending on the checks required. We do this for the overall health of the platform, where more trust == more tenants enquiring + higher quality of tenant applications.

SMS notifications for enquires are non existent

In terms of SMS/Email notifications, we group these now to avoid too much email/sms “spamming”. If you have read the enquiry on the site already, then we avoid notifying you, again to stop so many messages. With 16 enquiries in such a short space of time, hopefully it’s clear why we do this!

If you do run into any issues, do let us know.

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Hi there,
Sure, was just getting a bit concerned as this property was my first property put on Openrent so all the verifications/photos/proof of ownership have all been done years ago. Normally it’s on Openrent within an hour and RM by the following morning. Was wondering if the delay was because I used ApplePay and a different bank card (Chase)? Yes, 16 enquiries is better but used to 60-70 enquiries for this property so the change was making me itchy!! Hopefully back on track. Personally I like all the sms notifs as clicking them goes straight to the message rather than having to wade through pages of enquiries deselecting/filtering etc supposed you just get used to your own system :+1:t2:

In less than 24 hours you had 60-70 enquiries?

Yep it’s crazy up here in central Manchester. I had to pause this listing too today as had 44 enquiries in 10 hours!!:flushed: the admin hurts my eyes :rofl:

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Looks like within 48 hours of posting your advert you have a holding deposit accepted, so yes, would say the system is working and hopefully no concerns any standards are slipping here anymore!

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