No Respone From Applicants

This is our 3rd experience of letting through OR. On all three occasions, we have experienced the following.

In the first 24 hrs, we get an impressive amount of enquiries requesting a viewing.

Attempts to contact the applicants through OR does not result in any responses from a significant amount of the applicants.

Does this happen to any other landlords?

Does anyone know the cause of this?

Thanks for reading

Yes Just forget them

Tyre kickers. You will get a shedload of em.

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I’ve wondered the same thing and have questioned whether or not Openrent’s platform actually does a good enough job of replying back to the enquirer, for example if a message comes from Rightmove, does OR manage to get back to the person effectively? Via email etc

Same issue here! I’ve responded promptly but have since not heard from the applicants. Is there something wrong with the platform?