Is this listing legit?

I have seen a property for rent on OpenRent platform and have booked a viewing with the landlord. He has sent me an email outside of the platform and has requested loads of information for “referencing” such as my NI number, name, DOB, current address, bank statements, passport ID and also my full credit report

He was also asking for my card details from which I’ll pay the deposit.

The property reference is: 1893818
Landlord name: Daniel W

I’m happy to provide the details I’m just a bit wary as I don’t understand why he’s asking for all of these details prior to me even viewing

This is not standard practice and is likely a scam of somekind.

Credit card details? Must be joking.

I would not hand over any personal ID until viewing has taken place.

It says landlord has been active for 3 years. Theres a possibility the account has been hacked and not a dodgey listing.

Report the ad to openrent so they can check.


This is a scam Do not do it Send card details to a stranger ??!! You will lose your money


I did tell him I’d only pay a deposit via rent now in the platform. Then when I saw the “tenancy offer form” and he was asking for my NI, bank statements and a full credit report and all of this prior to even having a viewing it just all seemed off

Property looks great so he’ll definitely have lots of interest. Annoyingly the property is also advertised on sites such as RightMove, zoopla etc


Don’t send anything in. I was asked for exactly the same information along with copies of bank statements and doctors details so my medical records could be seen as he was concerned about a tenants mental health as he had a previous issue with a tenant. I declined and copied his correspondence and sent through to Open Rent and left it in their hands. You have done the right thing asking for advice on here, you get some great advice when looking for a property from Landlords that really care.

Good luck in your search.

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He needs to send you a copy of his GDOR privacy notice and ideally ICO registration before asking for personal information.


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