Long term renting help

Could do with some advice please to see if this is a scam, I have been emailing someone stating they live in Dundee and have a house for rent and they deal with it all through open rent i have added the screenshots of the emails, does it seem right to ask for proof of ID and all my details including a photo of myself? Or is this a scam?

Never hand over any money or ID before viewing the property.

Anyone who throws the property at you like this is probably a scammer. Landlords have the pick of tenant now.


exactly as Mark10 says. Done thru Openrent should be safe , but you never can tell . you can find out who owns the property thru land Registry for £3 or so

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I can’t even find the property on openrent she said she would send the link after I sent all my details?

How did you contact the landlord to begin with?

No landlord would offer a property to anyone without doing credit checks and referencing of tenant first. They may ask for a holding deposit before but that’s all, which cannot be more than one weeks rent. (Once tenant has viewed)


Steer clear, no decent landlord operates like that !!!


She advertised on Facebook market place and told me to email her instead, so I did but I did think it was a little dodgy, I’m just so desperate to move and I just keep getting knocked back so was hoping it was something positive

Steer clear of facebook for Rentals Too many scammers as its easy to post a picture of someone elses property

Oh it’s definitely a scam, I’ve had the same email word for word but from a bloke !!

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Gender fluid maybe? :grinning:

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