Joint tenancy. Only one signed the inventory

Hi Everyone,

I wondered if you could help. I have two tenants in my property, only one has signed the inventory. I need to take some money off the inventory and they’re disputing this. Will the fact that only one has signed it be an issue. Tbh I didn’t even realise one had signed it, it was done via a letting agent.


If there are two tenants on the contract there should be two on the inventory.
Do you have a clause in your contract that stipulates if no issues are raised within the first seven days the inventory is valid without a signature?
You can try and see what happens

It shouldn’t make any difference as with joint tenants, each is 100% liable for rent and damage. You therefore just propose the deduction from the deposit in normal way and if its a valid claim and you have good evidence, it should be paid.

Thanks. I have one signature.

It was actually done by an estate agents so I wonder If I could bounce this back to them if only having one signature turns out to be an issue. Really, I’ve no idea why they didn’t get two.

Thanks again.

The best person to speak to would be the deposit service as if it goes to adjudication they know what the outcome is.
It is worth getting hypothetical advice.
Unfortunately estate agents make mistakes all too often and negate liability in the contract you sign with them.
I use an estate agent to find tenants. Everything else, including additional checks I do myself.
Then you just have yourself to blame.

Thanks for all your help everyone. Turns out that David is right. Both tenants are 100% responsible for the damage so one signature is fine. Thanks David :slight_smile:

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