New Tenancy Signed with the same tenants - updating Inventory

I had 3 tenants in my property. One of them moved out.
So, I had to remove the tenant who left and also an increase in the rent.
Tenants agreed to sign a new tenancy agreement.

Is it ok to create a new inventory, though two of the tenants remaining in the property are from the previous tenancy?

I was wondering whether anyone can share a template for the inventory.

The recommended sequence of events in this case is:

  • Do a check-out inspection and propose any deductions from the deposit for damage
  • End the tenancy through a deed of surrender
  • Re-fund the balance of the deposit to the tenants
  • Draft a new inventory and take new photos
  • Take and protect a new deposit from the remaining tenants
  • Sign a new tenancy agreement with the remaining tenants.
  • Serve the tenants with all the other required documents.

Thanks @David122 David