Joint tenancy to single affordability check?

I have one tenant from a joint tenancy wanting to leave …whilst the other stays.
I wish to do an affordability check …am I correct is assuming I can do this before I issue a new contract in his sole name?
If he fails I presume I can either ask for a guarantor or give him 2 months notice.
I live in Wales and want this sorted b4 the crazy new Occupational contract gets issued after 31st May 2023
Any advice gratefully received

You will need proper guidance on the process as in England one person cant leave a joint tenancy without ending it for both of them. You would need a deed of surrender or a notice to quit from one of them if the tenancy is periodic. This would mean you dont have to give notice to the other one. However, i thought that the new tenancy legislation in Wales was already in force for all tenants, so you should check this and if so, then different rules apply.

Thank you David…current tenants are now periodic…they have been lovely tenants so I am loathe to lose either of them…just trying to ensure affordability for remaining tenant and trying to get my new occupational contract set up to keep everything within the new (‘more complicated than necessary paperwork Welsh system -gone from approx 8 pages to 28+ in English’…no idea how many if contract written in Welsh) guidelines by 31st May 2023.
New Govt contract templates on website may as well be written in Klingon for all the help/ease of use/understanding they are (not!!!)

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