Kitchen Unit totally ruined

Hi All,
I have tenants who asked if they could remove 1 x 1000mm Base unit so that they could install a Condenser Drier in preparation for their first baby. Both tenants are really great and this looks like their first rented property. We get on really well and I have always addressed any issues literally instantly.
I agreed to removing the Base Unit as long as it was stored safely and would be put back exactly as before either when they deemed condenser drier no longer needed or at the end of the tenancy.
Following Storm Denise, fencing panels had been destroyed so I visited the property to put things right.
To my shock I saw a 1000 Base Unit and doors in the garden - all ruined by the elements.

The tenant said that their mother-in-law put it outside without their knowledge.

I have left the tenant with my expectation that they would need to put this correct either now or when they exit the Tenancy. The options I left them was to source 100% identical doors that match the existing kitchen units or failing that replace all the doors (both wall and base unit doors).
The tenant accepted this without any fuss or disagreement.

Q: Should I get this in writing ?
is there a process I need to follow to protect myself, in the future when the tenants decide to move out.

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I was going to say yes, get it in writing, but what if they can’t get a matching door then?

Assuming they are a current model, I would suggest it would be better for you (at their cost) to buy a door now, rather than later- or the whole kitchen may need replacing, which would be considerably more than their deposit.

I believe the units are usually interchangeable, if they don’t have coloured panels?


Highlights the need to do the job yourself or get a tradesman that they pay for.


I would certainly be sourcing the doors now, as recently i had a damaged door by a tenant and now it is discontinued. The kitchen is only 3 years old. I cannot get a match anywhere else, and the time i have spent on phones and visiting retailers is costing me greatly. I never allow my tenants to make changes and this has been a 7 year learning curve and always backfired on me. The more flexible you are the less respect you get.


Hi Vijai

I’ve been doing this a long time, 20 years in fact! All tenants are different some can and will do a decent job of things whether that be removing a base unit or decorating a room or property and some will make a complete pigs ear of it. I always insist that anything done in a property is done to a “professional standard” and I never unreasonably withhold permission for tenants to do things, it is there home after all, but I always insist on a discussion beforehand and I always inspect immediately after the job has been done. You will of course have the right to withhold deposit money here and it may well be worth having the conversation, confirmed in writing, with your tenants now. That may inspire them to get things sorted sooner rather later because doors will be your issue.

Base units are interchangeable and you can get them anywhere doors however, they change with seasons it seems.

Me personally I’d source the doors myself and send them the bill for them plus an extra £50 for the carcass. I wouldn’t buy the carcass but I would the doors and I’d store them either in the loft of the property on in my own garage. Wrap them up and label them up so you know exactly what they’re for.

They’ve made a mistake and now they have to pay, you stand more chance of getting the money now than arguing about it later As I’m sure there’ll be plenty more issues at the end of the tenancy to deal with. Get things done and dealt with as they arise rather than leaving it until the and of the tenancy.

Good luck



why not get a washer/dryer instead


Sometimes what a tenant says and what they actually do are two different things. I would definitely get it in writing along with costing out the value of the whole thing and what it would cost to replace when they vacate.Should you not have visited the property it could have been standing out there in the rain indefinitely. Confirm in writing that they have accepted this amount is true and that they are accepting of it being taken out of their deposit when they leave …

I am so sorry this happened and I feel your pain. It would have angered and upset me to have this happen. This forum makes me realise just how incredibly lucky I have been with my tenants. Good luck finding the best solution.

I couldn’t agree more! The more accommodating you are to the tenants requests the more you are seen to be a “soft touch” and the Tenant will constantly exploit that weakness to the max. I get pestered by tenants wanting pets and following a massive cost in damages and legal fees by so called “animal lovers” I have delivered a straight non negotiable “No” that puts the matter to bed without getting into a conversation.
I would suggest that any agreement between tenant and Landlord needs to be in writing signed dated and concise to issue.

THANK YOU all who responded and provided advice.
The tenants have apologised at great length. They have accepted full liability and agreed that if they cannot find 100% matching doors they will replace the lot at their cost.
I have informed them that I want this in writing (signed) and to my satisfaction once doors have been replaced.
At the same time the 3 fence panels were destroyed during the recent windy weather. The tenants asked if I would replace the whole length to which they will contribute.
I hope I don’t say this too early but they look to be good tenants with intentions to rent long term.


you can work with tenants like that. I plumbed in a washing machine free for a tenant Later they pressured washed the drive without telling me and at no charge

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