Gifted washing machine broken


Our gifted washing machine is broken and we are happy to purchase a new one to replace it. However the issue is the current washing machine is installed in such a way the kitchen units will need extensive manipulation to get the old one out and put a new one in. It’s close to being integrated in design.

Is it the landlords responsibility to safely remove the old broken one without damaging the kitchen units? I worry if I go ahead and have it removed then I will be responsible for any inadvertent damage caused to the kitchen units / floor.


If the old one was in-situ when you moved in and part of the inventory I would have thought it the landlords responsibility to repair/replace.
Whatever you end up doing just get any permissions/agreements etc in writing in case of future disputes.


You could buy it with removal, disposal and installation included. The fitters should be covered by insurance, but you might need to alert them to the issues.

Ah ok - my worry was the fitters asking to take kitchen cabinets and worktops apart and me not having the permission to say yes

Just let the landlord know youre having a new washing machine professionally fitted. If he has any concerns he ca raise them with you.

I think you will find companies such as Curry’s etc who provide an installation service, only offer basic plumbing and will not remove cupboards and worktops etc.
When you say gifted do you mean someone gave you the machine or the previous tenant left it and landlord has gifted it but not included it in tenancy/Inventory?

Landlord has gifted and not included in inventory (like the fridge too). She said on moving in that if either broke down she would not replace and we would have to buy a replacement ourselves. I was ok with that but didn’t recognise the tricky installation until now! Estate agent is struggling to get hold of her at the moment…