Landlord Activated Break Clause - Covid Notice

Hi there,

Just checking the legalities with a Landlord activating the break clause (in contract as 2 months notice) and what effect the recent Covid legislation has on this.

As stated here: Technical guidance on eviction notices - GOV.UK it seems this has now been changed to 6 months notice, is that correct ?

It’s 6 months until some time in March
Eviction has become very complicated ( there are additional COVID related forms that have to be filled if you are evicting)
Landlord Law gave a really detailed webinar yesterday
They advised that in light of delays and all the additional paperwork required it is best to do this through a solicitor ( they normally advise that you can do it yourself)
The courts capacity has also reduced ( circa 10 applications a day vs 15 per hour before the pandemic) so mistakes in form filling could lose you a lot of time