ICO GDPR do we need it?

I’ve seen estate agents on Facebook saying we need to pay the ICO to hold personal data on prospective tenants & of course it’s a job best left to estate agents.
Is this information correct.

If you manage the properties yourself then it is likely that you should be registered if you hold any tenants’ personal information electronically.

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The tenancy was created by Openrent also the rent collection. I do the maintenance etc

You need to be registered if you have a email address, bank details and phone numbers of your tenants, I put all my details on two hard drives in two separate locations, one is in my safe and any emails etc get deleted asap and I don’t keep anything in the cloud anymore.
If you get hacked the last thing you want is the ICO giving you grief .

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You hold tenant data electronically in your Openrent account then.

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Almost all landlords should be ICO registered.


Better safe than sorry my letting agent has had the ICO at his office 4 times this year checking up on landlords, all individual cases and he’s on the ball with it .

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How are they going to know?

They have Hmrc files Ctax files etc let alone a tenant with a grudge
All you info is now readily available and it’s in the ICOs interest to find you as it money motivated

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If you let openrent do the tenancy they have you , and you think you will get away with it ?

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Yes I know their names & address obviously :slightly_smiling_face: phone number & email pretty basic stuff that you can find out about most people.
All documents are kept in my Openrent account

Well there you have it , you need to be registered and if it’s on phone or laptop then definitely

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That’s what I’m trying to find out.
Looks like I’m going to have to cough up £40 a year to the European Union for nothing as far as I can see :rage:

I doubt many tenants know about it. I’ve only just found out about it but better safe than sorry I suppose. What exactly do you get for your money?

Yes I use Openrent for referencing & tenancy creation also all documents are stored there although they can be deleted

I’ve just checked my legal requirements in my Openrent account & it doesn’t mention anything about ICO

Blimey I didn’t know they went out landlord hunting :scream:

Just done a search in the help center & found this.
Wonder why it’s not listed in the legal compliance list.

Looks like I’m in for a fun weekend :roll_eyes:

I keep all my details on separate hardrives and are secured , I have no tenants numbers etc on my phone and I use a secure email service.
When you get into it it is a lot of work.
And when you start getting plumbers etc involved it is a pain in the ass as they need to be registered and you have to tread carefully

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