Landlord coming…


I am wondering if anyone can help, I will try and keep it simple and to the point.

The landlord is coming tomorrow to check the property and bringing her son, something about it being needed for her insurance purposes. Absolutely fine.

Any repairs that have needed doing the landlord uses the same guy she has apparently used for years, now this guy is a nightmare!
Every time he has come out he has told absolute lies.
silly things!
Example: when he came out to “fix” the leaking toilet my son was standing in the doorway talking to him, offered him tea etc, being nice and generally making a conversation…… he was engaging and absolutely fine, he then goes back to the landlord saying he was rude and watching his every move, intimidating him! (Ridiculous)
The landlord will under no circumstances accept that there are any issues on her “guy whose she’s used for years” he clearly has issues,. This is constant, each and every time he comes for anything there’s another lie.

We are decent polite people and would never dream of being rude to anyone.

I’m a disabled lady and I cannot handle all the stress it brings, so this time my daughter took over the phone call and explained that of course she can come round to her property, and her son. We don’t have any issue, but “her guy” will not be coming in she and explained once again the above reason why.
She said it’s her property she will bring whoever she likes and he is coming. And she said she is bringing a months notice with her.

So really my question is, with no repairs that need doing, do we have to let “her guy” in tomorrow? Where there is no reason for him to be here.

I’d appreciate any help as Google is a little contradicting

Many thanks

You do not . You can refuse entry.

I will add that you won’t be doing yourself any favours but sounds like she’s going to give you notice anyway so nothing to lose.

It is totally reasonable for her to want her maintenance person to attend with her to advise on maintenance issues. Have you asked fir something ti be fixed? If so, then it’s totally unreasonable for you to not allow him in, but it’s your right to reject him.

I think you need to de-escalate this situation or it could reach the point of eviction over something trivial, and its a tough rental market out there at the moment. I suggest that your side needs to be the adult in this meeting and look for compromise and negotiation.

The landlord can use whoever they want for routine maintenance and that is not a battle you can win. You know that this guy is difficult, so I suggest you just keep contact with him to a minimum when he comes.

On the other side of the equation, the landlord can’t just turn up when they want and unannounced. They need to give you notice and ideally to agree a mutually convenient time, so you could ask politely for that.

Good luck!

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Well in that case why not seize the initiative and find somewhere else so that you can give your own notice.


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