Landlord didn't tell me I would have to vacate for cladding works

I moved into a flat in March this year. I have just been notified by building management that scaffolding is going up in June and each floor and belongings has to move out for 4 weeks while cladding is replaced (my flat in September). Clading cannot be replaced without internal works due to the construction methods.

The building management has found alternative accommodation for occupants nearby (fully furnished two bedroom flats compared to my one bedroom).

However, I know find out that the landlord knew about this in October and kept it from me. I feel it is deceitful and wish I had never moved here. In fact, I would like to get out as soon as possible. I have a 6-month break clause and could be out before I am due to vacate the flat, but is there any way to get out sooner?

I’m prepared to engage a solicitor and make some threats in the hope he would let me go early but I’m not yet sure of my legal position.

If they have offered you alternative accommodation then I think you are stuck and the landlord is under no obligation to say anything or he would never get tenants,
What the law refers to is , if you owned the property that life and same for tenants unfortunately

If the landlord gave you false information that would have affected your decision to take the tenancy, then you can seek to unwind the tenancy within the first 90 days under the Consumer Rights Act. If he just didnt tell you about the cladding issue, it would still be unfair trading practice, but Im not sure whether you’d still have the right to unwind. You might be able to use it as a basis for negotiation though.

Personally, this wouldnt cause me too many problems and I’d probably stick with the tenancy as finding another place to rent is very difficult at the moment.


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