Landlord want me to move

Good evening, please I need your advice, I rented a 3 bedrooms with my family about 5 months ago with 12 months agreement, my landlord want to do renovation on the floor, she want to change the wooden to tiles, which I disagree with her as it will affect my family, now she’s saying she will be serving me eviction notice as she want to renovate the room and sell, please note the is no issue with the current situation of the floor, I don’t miss my rent, please need your advice. Thanks

you cannot be kicked out immediately. it will take months so you will be ok to the end of your agreement

Thanks for your responses, please how long will it take as she said the serving is 2 months, so after 2 months I need to move out.

you can only be evicted with a court order . It will take much longer than 2 months and you are in a fixed term. so ok to the end of it But keep paying the rent

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Well noted with thanks Colin.

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The landlord cannot serve an eviction notice during your fixed term tenancy. If they try, it’s invalid.


Check if there’s a break clause . If so 2 months blu e served before the break clause and you will need to move out.

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No break clause please.

Why dont you want the tiles and how did you explain this to her and what impact will it have on your family?

I am a Landlord . Check your contract (tenancy agreement) to ensure you have a 12 month fixed term . if you have the Landlord does not have the right to evict you unless you have broken the terms of the contract. However she can give you notice to take effect at the end of the contract if she is planning to sell (and this will not be changed by the abolition of section 3) .

Sadly many Landlords, due to tax and legal changes, are now in a position where they are no longer making enough in rents to pay for their responsibilities and are selling up - this is bad news for tenants as it is really hard to find another property now as so many are doing this.

WE really need the government to change the law so new landlords have incentive to enter the business which they are not doing now and there is enough rented property so all renters can have a secure home.


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