Landlord does not pay the gas provider despite me paying the bills

I have paid every time for the rent and all the bills of this month.

However, because I had a verbal fight with the landlord as a kind of punishment she does not pay the gas provider and as a result do not have any warm water and heating in the house
(although again I clarify that I have paid my part of the bills).

I called the police and they told me that this is a civil dispute issue and not a crime (!!) so they cannot intervene at all.

What should I do to get this fixed as soon as possible?

Suggestions: if she pays for the electricity, then buy yourself an electric heater and use that. The alternatives I can think of are:

  • if you are in an area where the Council insists on all landlords to be licensed, then contact the Council, ask to be put through to the landlord licensing department, and tell them what has happened and they will intervene on your behalf. If they don’t exist, the Council might still act on your behalf if you say that you are vulnerable and need support.
  • if you have any form of insurance, be it car or contents, then see if you have legal cover included in your policy and give them a ring. This may be slower than working through the Council. You might have indirect insurance too: if you are a member of a professional institute or a trade union, they may provide legal support and counselling, as might your insurer.
  • you could also try complaining to the landlord association if they tell you that she is registered with them. ANLR rings a bell. Two landlord associations have just merged if I recall correctly, but I can’t remember their names: check on the web.
    Good luck, stay warm with extra blankets and if necessary, pay for electric heating in the bedroom - don’t risk getting too cold!

@John45, thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:

I may consider (1) but I do not know how effective it will be.

The response of the police was quite a surprise ('they told me that this is a civil dispute issue and not a crime so they cannot intervene at all") - in this regard you may be even unfairly/illegally thrown out of your house and nobody can instantly help you.

I thought that the protection of citizens by the state services was better in this country (I am coming from Southern Europe).