Advice for rent paymnet

Hi all im due to rent a property i paid the deposit via open rent for the landlord to semd it back stupidly i paid into his account but then the referencing went threw openrent nkw hes asking me to pay the rent threw there im payimg 1 year upfront so its alot of money but ive never even met this guy and he wants me to semd it does he think im crazy

have you viewed the property?

Yes veiwed the property wemt threw openrent for all chexks but nkw wants me to pay him dorect

Who showed you round the property? Have you actually spoken with LL?

So you have paid 5 weeks deposit thru openrent and he sent it back? Then you paid 5 weeks deposit into his company account ?

No i paid 300 poumd deposit to secure the gouse threw open rent tyen he sent it striaght back asked me then to pay it to his company which i did but now all my checks are complete he wants me to pay him direct bit the deaal was 1 year upfront as im only staying 1 year but wants me to pay all in his company account but ive never even met the guy was a girl that did the veiwing

that does not sound right. It was best to pay thru open rent . Shame you paid at all. I would not send a years rent off. You can check if he really owns the property thru the Land Registry for Just £3

I know i thought the ssme i wasent ginna just pay him 1 year threw his company i know paid 300 to secure the house

I dont even know the guys name

Or have i even seen a tenency agreement

was the girl from an estate agency , You can check if his Company really exists with the goverments Companies house website

Im not sure where she was from tbh

As him for evidence of ownership, such as an insurance certificate

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