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I have been renting for 4 and half years and now come to the end of my lease in a month. Two months prior the landlord proposed to increase the rent when I renewed the lease from what I am currently paying £2405pcm unfurnished to £3000pcm, unfortunately, I emailed the agent back to propose a 1-year renewal with the same condition with a 6-month break clause, I didn’t hear back after 4 weeks later I assumed my proposal has been accepted thinking that I have an excellent record of never missed or late on the rent payment for the last 4 and half years, kept the apartment in a very high standard.

But out of the blue, I received an email from the landlord’s agent to say that the landlord rejected my proposal and proposed £3000PCM. At this point I was numb and shocked so emailed them back to say I declined then I counteroffer for £2500 I got rejected then the following day got an email from the landlord’s agent saying my counteroffer was rejected and saying "If I was unable to meet this then the tenancy will end on 29 September 2023 which will only be giving me a month to move out. I am freaking out. On top of that without any warning or email confirmation, out of nowhere, I received a text message from the agent that they already had people confirmed to view the apartment so I panicked.

Please if any team member would spare your expertise in giving me some advice on what to do next. Basically, I would like to remain in the apartment for another 3 to 6 months until I find a decent property. What is the current renter legislation/regulation act should I fit into? Thank you so kindly for your time to read and perhaps spare your take on this, please.


2500 counter offer too low .offer £2700 People to view may be a bluff . If you have landlords address offer to him direct . Try to bypass the agent. They are only interested in themselves… You cannot be kicked out without a court order

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I would email the agents and advise that you do not give consent for any person to enter the property, or for any viewings to take place until you vacate the property. By law, even if your tenancy agreement says you must allow viewings, you do not have to as such clause would contradict your right to quiet enjoyment.

I would also just confirm to them that you will not vacate on 29th September if you are unable to find a suitable property before then but will make every effort to vacate as early as possible, giving the landlord one months notice when a suitable property is found. Ultimately they cannot force you out on 29th September. The landlord can serve you notice, and that notice would be the first step to them gaining possession but there would need to be a court case before you can be forced to leave and you’re looking at 4-6 months for that.


Thank you so much for the advice. I did message the landlord on his personal phone but no response. I am going to send him another semi-formal letter with a new counteroffer for £2,800 via his email address and phone. Again, thank you.

Hi gazfocus,

Really appreciate and am grateful for the advice. I will add to my semi-formal counteroffer letter on the “viewings” subject. At least they should leave me in peace as I am proposing a different term and propose a 6-month fixed terms with a 3-month break clause and 2 months’ notice in order to terminate the Statutory Periodic Tenancy.

If the landlord still does not accept my counteroffer, is it OK to challenge him or serve him with a "Notice proposing different terms for Statutory Periodic Tenancy to Tribunal or Law Stationer?

Assuming you have an AST, your tenancy will end on 29 September, but at the exact moment it ends, a periodic tenancy on the same terms will arise and will continue indefinitely until its brought to an end lawfully. The landlord has to serve you a valid notice if he wants to evict you.

If you cant find a mutually agreeable rent going forward you will sadly have to find alternative accommodation.

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