Landlord insurance query

I currently rent out one property in NI and one property in England. I renewed my landlord insurance with a new company one month before the previous policy expired. I then had to make a claim on this previous policy just before it expired. My new landlord insurance T+Cs is obviously clear and I need to make them aware of the claim.
My question is regarding the property in England. The landlord insurance on this property is due to expire at the end of the month. I have gone through comparison websites and single agent websites. Regarding my best quote: the site asked if I had made any claims on this property in the last five years. It doesn’t ask about any other properties. Is it ok for me to proceed with this policy or should I contact them and make them specifically aware of a claim at another property?

The question is ONLY about that property. So there is the answer

I would make them aware
When I renew I am always asked if claims have been made on this or another policy in last x years (CIA)
You don’t want to void a policy by accident