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I am hoping to speak to a landlord who rents out part of their home (either a room, multiple rooms, or a floor) for an article in The Sun Online.
We’re hoping to speak to someone whose mortgage is either entirely or nearly entirely covered by the rental income. The article would be angled around their story, their reason for renting, how much they save by doing it and the pros and cons of their arrangement.
If this is you and is something you’d be happy to discuss please reply.
Thank you!

never trust a journalist

this will be very one sided, now against who I wonder !

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No thanks. Both sides of the story will not be presented equally.

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you always get the headlines about bad landlords and unfit houses , when did you last see about rogue tenants ,in the newspaper, them owing a mass of rent ,or trashing a home, living in self induced dirty conditions ? Rental places are getting much less I think that is great , a problem for the goverment and greedy local authorities

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It’s already apparent how this would pan out.


that is a good observation Mark . i had not thought of that point

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This would be for our consumer section, so it’s intended to help people who might be struggling with mortgage costs think of alternative ways to help with bills - we know renting out a room or part of your home really helps some people. I am specifically looking for a live-in landlord who shares the property with their tenant(s).

There must be a lot of people who have been forced to do this due to unaffordable mortgage rates. I know people who have done this for years.

One of them, who has a daughter who is also a journalist for The Sun!

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