Dss help,need a room as soon as

Hi im 45 claim benefits for anxiety,im looking for a room to rent relatively close to the cf24 area,desperate to find a room,have bond,references etc,soon as possible,im a perfect tennant and have refferences from previous properties too :slight_smile: i work volintarily and would hardly be at the property because from work its closer to my girlfriend and sons house,please get hold of me as im quite desperate to move out of the house im living in now because its in newport and its too far away for me to just pick up my mail now and then

A “perfect tenant” that’s happy to publicly abuse strangers and label them as all the same. Nice.

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as I guessed corectly . He calls landlords scum and now wants our help!!! Any sane landlord will not help, as this person has shown their true colours. For any landlord who did not see the above applicants post, under another heading he said " You landlords are scum"

Kicking people out etc making people homeless?? You landlords the scum and blind too I see

Youre really selling yourself as a prospective tenant.

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and you are wanting a landlord to give you a room??? Dream on Bud .you have mental health issues and need serious help .Have you any medication?

take notice Landlords on Open rent The above person is on benefits, has issues and thinks landlords are all scum. can anyone help with a room for him ?

People find other accommodation. Not become homeless. Try applying common sense.
When a property owner doesn’t pay their mortgage they get booted out. It’s the way if the world, you can’t have what you can’t afford.

It’s always the way, the takers and the free loaders are resentful of the grafters and the risk takers.

Landlords arnt a charity. You alone are responsible for your housing.

Landlords typically only boot out problem tenants, or kick them out when selling, sometimes an opportunity to increase rent if it’s underpriced. Either way it’s their investment, their responsibility and their choice.

Landlords want good stable long term tenants.

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I didnt come here to be a tenant,I own a house but you landlords are proper crap people,it doesnt matter about me, I’m not a landlord

I own my house,you are still a landlord and deciding the fate of someone loving in your rip off property or being homeless

There’s no cure for brain dead ignorance.

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Do you resent all employers too who make money out of their employees?

we can only be grateful that he is not near us

I’m confused - you said that you own your house but you’re not a landlord, and you’re looking to rent but you’re not here to be a tenant?

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I think he is more than confused

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Yeah, how’s it feel to be one? No wonder you’re unemployable.

You should man up and stop being a useless drain on society. Get off your pathetic backside.

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But he said he is the perfect tenant ,this man who is on benefits, who thinks all landlords are scum, ,wants to rent a room off one of us !!! But is not here to be a tenant. He should advertise on" confused . com"

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Not only that, he says he only wants it to pick up post as will always be at his girlfriends. So this waster is quite happy to deny someone who does genuinely need a place the chance to have it!

Clearly maximising benefits whilst living elsewhere.
They will get all the payments back off him that he’s obtained fraudulently, they always do. :sweat_smile: