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Landlord is deceiving me?

(I don’t know which section to place this landlords or tenants discussion)
Hi guys about the flat above.
Please advise.
So he wouldn’t let me place a holding deposit on openrent - he said I had to pay a fee.
I said I was a smoker and he said I couldn’t have the flat .
I said ok give me the deposit back he said No and I had to take it because he didn’t want the stress of re-listing the flat.
Also I’m not going to be able to afford the flat due to self employed issues.
A friend of his has a key to the flat and I’m not happy about that .
He insisted his friend had the key .
Is this normal because I never experienced this before someone having a key to my place.
I gave him more money and signed the tenancy last night under duress because he said other people had been interested in it .
I felt uncomfortable and pressured plus uneasy.
I don’t want this flat anymore .
Does all that sound Right?

Hi Josef, this sounds like a complex situation, where the details will make all the difference. I’d recommend you email from your OpenRent-registered email address with as much detail as possible so that our team can look into this for you.


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Thank you so much I will.

I can’t be helped because Arjun the landlord didn’t use your system :sob::sob::sob:

Yes Josef, if you don’t use OpenRent to rent the property, but proceed off-platform, then we can’t protect you or help when things go wrong, sadly.

You will be able to get advice from Shelter or Citizens Advice.


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None of this sounds right. See citizen’s advice. If you have nagging doubts it’s best in my experience not to do it. He cannot charge a fee anymore and no one other than the landlord and the landlords agent should have a key. They can only enter on mutually appropriate dates agreed with you unless it’s an emergency and must always give a minimum of 24 hours notice.


Thanks guys for replying =)