Landlord not sorting problems and leaving me hanging

Hi their my name is William walker and I’m in a private rental in Fife Scotland my bathroom has got mega damp and wood rot in it that bad the tiles have mostly fell off the wall my roof is leaking and my bedroom ball is soaking with it all and the plaster is falling off the wall all I keep getting told is we will fix it we will get people to come out and get quotes for it know my bathroom has been like this since last June July I never miss my rent it’s payed on time every month and they still never sort the problems I have had my heating on all winter constantly costing a fortune just to try and heat the house warm it’s a joke we have had to go threw the private Rent Sector with the council as it’s not getting sorted

Some useful information here, but in short contact your Council’s Environmental Health Department.

Might be worth contacting Shelter for additional help/advice as well.

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Was it like this when you moved in?

No it was alright so I thought their was a leak under the bath and took a year and a bit to find the roof started when we got the bad weather in the winter we moved in in the summer before 9 months we have been waiting on things getting sorted and as far as I know it’s needing a new roof

I would try the citizens advice bureau

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That’s bad. It should not have gone this far. Just curious, why not move out to a better place than to expect the no gooder landlord to come to the rescue?

I don’t want to move and have the same sort of problems that I’m dealing with just know bud

Contact your local councils environmental health, they often have an online form to do this and someone will get in touch to arrange to view the issues you’re reporting. They can then enforce the landlord to perform repairs. They also often put a stipulation in place that you cannot be evicted for X amount of time and repairs have to be done within 90 days. This is to prevent revenge evictions so they don’t have to do repairs. Good luck x

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you defo need the local councils help

First check that your Landlord is registered here:

As people have already suggested, you need to go via the Council since they ensure no Rogue landlords operate in Scotland.

Its your home and you have a right to a decent accommodation that meets basic standards of hygiene. Do not leave.

For such issues, having a documented paper trail outlining details of what was reported with dates, start sending requests via registered mail if things do not get fixed.

The Council will protect your interests. If the landlord does not put things right, the Council can take them to court.

Good luck.