Landlord refuse to sign new ast instead preferred rolling

Hello all
We have been renting a 3 bed bungalow for a year on ast . When our AST finished in september 2021 the landlord did not agree to get into new contract and is happy for us to be on rolling contract. I have 2 school going kids and getting house in this area with walkable distance to school is very difficult. Landlord has power to serve us section 21 when he wants but i am focusing this will cause disruption to kids school. Any advice would be appreciated

Being on a rolling contract doesn’t make it any more likely that the landlord will want to evict you. Despite what you may have read to the contrary, most landlords want to keep good, paying tenants as long as possible.

I’ve got a tenant that’s been on a rolling contract for 7 years and I know landlords who have periodic tenants of more than 15 years standing. A periodic contract gives you the same conditions as a fixed term apart from notice and it means no extra admin or cost for the landlord.

If you are concerned, ask the landlord if he is happy with your tenancy and keen to keep you as tenants in the long term. If so then don’t worry about the type of tenancy. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything.


Don’t give the landlord any reason to evict you and all will be well.

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I have all my tenants on a rolling contract after the first 6 months because I don’t want the hassle of having to renew contracts. But I do tell all of my tenants that, as long as they pay the rent and look after the house, I won’t be looking to evict them because I like long term tenants.


i have the same view


Wow. Have you ever thought that some landlords are a nightmare and may treat a tenant badly, and will come up with any excuse to evict them?

Considering less than one in ten contracts came to an end through LL notices in 2020 (government data released last week covering ALL notice grounds) it is far more plausible the LL is one of the good one’s than not.

Hi @Per, I know your comment on this thread was a while ago but would you happen to remember where I can find that statistic (that less than one in ten contracts are ended by the LL)?