Landlord refused viewing

Hello there ,
today I requested a viewing of a property …one hour later the landlord rejected me as I failed the screening questions:roll_eyes:
no questions where asked …either when creating account or when launching enquire with this landlord …
anybody in the know about this issue ?

Hi George. better to know now at an early stage rather than later down the line

thanks for your interest but is better to know what exactly ? the landlord or OpenRent never ask me any screening questions —this is what puzzled me .only email and phone number ,

better to know early on that you havnt got it rather than later on . You can now look for another early on

that’s the thing Colin , i’v got everything I need in regards to references etc. but no questions where asked .

they asked you no questions when you applied?You said you failed the screening questions?

no questions Colin3 …I clicked onto request a viewing button and voilla …one hour later I got the message with says landlord refused as I have not past the screening questions . while I respect the landlord’s wright to refuse a tenant I cannot understand why as they only know my first name and email address .no questions where asked or other means of interactions where made …

George I cant figure that out. maybe Openrent will answer you when they open up tomorrow. Hope you get sorted out Regards Colin.

Hey George - if you send the property reference number and the contact details you used to enquire about the property (i.e. your own contact details) to then the team can look into what happened here.

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