Landlord software

Hi, I just want to ask other landlords what software they are using to manage their portfolio.i have never used a computer and generally use WhatsApp to communicate with tenants. My council is introducing selective licencing so I will probably need to be more organized and prove it. I have seen “free” software such as Octoproperty … is this truly “free”. Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.

Word, Excel and Outlook does everything I need. Specialist landlord software needs a lot of ‘feeding’ to stay useful.

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If Octoproperty is entirely free, is your data the product used to turn a profit and pay costs ?


Hi Paul, Excel, Word and a web mail system like Outlook or Gmail will be all you need. If you have never used a computer you should try and find a beginners course. Ask at your library or council offices if they are still running them.

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I’ve only just discovered it, so can’t tell you how good it is, but appears to be affordable landlord software if you’re like me & do it all on your phone. I’m still in their free trial period, and haven’t used it with a tenant yet, but it looks & feels good so far.