End tenancy question

my tenancy was supposed to end this year but i’m not happy at all with the place, and havent been since living here within the first few months of my first year of when i move here, and the area I live in. and because of some druggies who moved in not long ago who had random people that kept coming in and making a lot of noise.

i told him that i want to move out because of this early and he agreed to this but he asked me how long i need to move out and i said within two months, but he mislead me and thought i meant after two months, which doesn’t make any sense as why would i want to stay here for another two months when i told him i wanted to move out asap.
And if i find a place with the two months then ill need to move out after ive paid the rent for that month, that i move out.

but he’s telling me that i can only move out after 2 months as he misled me thinking i meant after 2 months has gone, when i sent him two texts saying within two months but should have said this in the first place, as he thought i meant after.

he also told me i agreed to two months when i didn’t agree to anything as all i said was within two months and if i find a new pace, i need to move out once ive paid the rent for that month.

So can i move out within that time frame or do i need to wait exactly after 2 months has gone, as that completely stupid and pointless, as thats means if i find a place within the time i have but i cant move until the 2 months id over and end up paying two lots of rent, but you could say well why dont u just find a place towards the end of the 2 months, no because i cant wait until the end of the the period to find a place as it wont giv eme enough time and may not get anywhere?

If you’re in a fixed term tenancy then you are committed to the rent until the end of the term, which is whenever your tenancy agreement says it is. The landlord can insist on payment until then and doesn’t have to agree to release you at all. Everything is therefore a negotiation and you have no rights to just leave when it suits you. I suggest you find somewhere and then start intensive discussion with your current landlord. Be prepared to pay at both places for a short period if that is what it takes to leave.