Landlord wants to reject and do it on his terms

The landlord wants to reject the application whilst referencing is being done to go with his contract and deposit scheme. We are not completely sure about this. He has started messaging us through his private email. I have already seen the property and he never asked anything odd until now. Is this a possible scam?

Sounds dodgy to me. Going through his private email is a complete red flag, I’d politely request that he resumes communications through ‘official’ channels (if you’re that keen) - but personally i’d look elsewhere!

Hi Carlos, not all landlords wish to use our tenancy creation service (called Rent Now). Some prefer to use their own systems. This is not unusual, although it does mean that OpenRent will not be able to ensure your money is handled fairly and is protected.

We think it is preferable for both parties to use Rent Now, but nevertheless, some landlords will use their own systems and only use OpenRent to find tenants. Thousands of tenancies are set up this way via the OpenRent site every month.

If you suspect a possible scammer in light of this, then please email with more information and any evidence and our team will look into it quickly.


Thank you for your reply it looks we can cancel now.