Messaging prospective tenants - can this happen with RentNow?

Hello, I wanted to better understand how the “Rent Now” option works.

I have seen that in the user interface the landlord can choose whether to accept or reject an application… this makes sense, but… can the landlord message the applicant first to arrange a view or a video call?

I feel a little bit uneasy about the idea of someone being able to click “rent now” without seeing them and be able to understand if they could be good prospective tenants or not.

Thanks a lot

the tenant can click all they want, its your place and without a viewing you are not going to accept them as a tenant

Thanks. I wasn’t sure if the software allowed us to arrange a viewing… I have then found a video from Open Rent from 4 years ago that explains that the “Rent Now” button is available only after they viewed it.

you can message the tenant thru openrent and arrange a viewing only after they have answered your preliminary questions I usually dont provide a phne number at this point as if they give you an answer you dont like you can reply "sorry I cant help you " and then press the Reject button Thus they cannot contact you further

Hi Daniel, hope this is sorted now (and I know the team will reply to your email today) – but feel free to reply if you still have any issues.


Hello Sam,

unfortunately it has not been sorted. Would be good for someone to investigate this and either refund me or publish the ad using the Rent Now option.


Hi Daniel, OK sure – the team will get back to your email today.