Landlord wants to remove their items during a tenancy


Our landlord has messaged to say they want to come and take items that are theirs which they originally left in the house. They used to live here. Initially we thought it was some little things like garden pots and other personal belongings stored in the loft. However , they want to take stuff that was originally include in the contract and on the inventory ( such as mirrors that are huge , the washing machine and a work bench in the garage). We are unsure what our rights are here ? We asked the letting agent and they said they never heard of such a request , and we should get third party advice.
Any help be advice would be much appreciated.

Your rights are that you are currently renting the items that they a proposing to take and can say no. If I were you I would find a way of politely declining all the items you want to retain on the basis that you need them and can’t afford to replace them at the moment.