Landlord removing furniture

Our landlords have had to move back to the uk (they live on a boat) for a job contract. As a result they have asked to take furniture out of the property, we let them take a few pieces but now they are asking for more. We also had our rent raised by £50 a few months ago and now have LESS stuff than we started with. Is this legal? Can they take furniture out of a rented property??

Are the items itemised in an inventory?

Yes they were, the landlords have sent an email with the items they took but I’m not sure how this would hold up? It’s more that we agreed to the tenancy with the items in situ that have now been taken

if you rented furnished, with an inventory listing all the items you are in effect renting a home and the furniture . If they want some back you should get a reduction in rent. Sounds as if the lanlord wants the best of both worlds

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