Landlord with an external (lender) credit check


I recently offered for a property after the landlord encouraged to submit the application with the holding deposit.

I was notified I passed the OpenRent credit check. However, the landlord finished reviewing the information and then sent it to his lender. Now, he’s claiming he has to show he has financially stable tenants to the lender. Furthermore, the landlord now is suggesting to look for other properties until he knows for certain he can officially offer the tenancy to me.

Does it make sense to have this sort of double-checking? What’s the role of OpenRole credit check? I mean, we weren’t informed about this extra process when I genuinely submit my holding deposit.

I would appreciate any guidance how to proceed.


You can either ask for your holding deposit back as you passed the credit check and the LL hasn’t issued a contract OR you wait/look at other properties in the meantime and hope all goes well with the bank.

I wouldn’t say it’s normal for a LL to provide this information to his mortgage lender but it might be a condition of his mortgage. He should’ve informed you about this, but may be a new landlord who didn’t know

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