What happens if one person fails the reference

Hi there.

Please can someone tell me what happened if one person fails the credit check. Can the landlord still rent the property to you? I have been upfront about my credit. I have no ccjs though.

Thank you

entirely up to the landlord

So if the landlord agreed, openrent could not prevent the tenancy going ahead?

the Landlord decides who he rents to Not openrent .the landlord owns the property

Yes I know they do. I was just wondering as we went through the rent now if there was anything else that would we would need to be aware of. Thanks

You may well press the rent now button… . but make sure the landlord will accept you I dont know how that works as I am a landlord ,not a tenant and I always want to see a person before I accept them. Different landlords will have different ideas

Ok thank you. I have met the landlord already and see the property and told her about my credit and shown her my payslip.

Hi Maryam, just confirm what Colin said, the decision of who to let to is the landlords. Where possible, OpenRent cuts out the middleman to let tenants and landlords speak to each other directly and come to their own decisions about what they feel is best. Unlike other agents, we don’t automatically turn down tenants who fail referencing.


Thank you. I passed the references and we have secured a home through openrent. Thank you!