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Landlords are dying in large numbers is due to dead Housing legislations

Long-term rents
The reason so many people rent in Switzerland, in many cases for life, is because of the historical availability of good quality rental housing and good legal protections for tenants. Banks also require high minimum deposits from mortgage applicants making homeownership unaffordable for many.

Landlords are allowed to increase the rent only when their costs go up, for example, due to interest rate increases or renovation costs. Over time, this has meant that long-term tenants end up with relatively low rents while those entering the open market bear all the pricing pressure of rising demand.

The loophole by the council leaders to create and designate areas for the sake of hiking housing markets is a scandal that caused the housing disaster, the cost of the disaster shifted onto homeowners and tenants through extortion of in fake valuations of properties, something need to change, 70% of covid19 death are related to housing conditions, a direct impact of messing not giving subsidies to households in need.

The nonsense of the Red Tape’s you hear is used to fool people, are the cause of death we witnessing in the pandemic, short cuts to housing is 60% contributor in this pandemic, why the hell can someone do something? why can someone stand up for the rental housing to provide homes on non-profit ownership?

housing associations are supposed to be non profit making

Well interest rates are low so now is a good a time to jump on the housing ladder as any. As a landlord, lending companies are still charging me what seems like 10% annual interest to borrow money to improve my property though while the government keeps promising negative minimum lending rates. I’m sure someone is making a buck but it is not me.