Demand for Equal landlords/tenants rights

I would like to discuss that how many landlords
believe in that it’s about landlords need to fight for
equal landlords/ tenants rights.
What I see there are more are no laws to protect good landlords who are providing the good rental properties and without private rental sector the government and council would not able to provide accommodation for 1) people who cannot buy 2) people who decide not to buy for many reasons and prefer rental properties as they prefer to pay rent and not to worry about long term commitment

Private rental is another business but during covid
in London so many landlords affected and lost so much income but no help from government or even council to exempt the council tax for empty properties.

Also the periodic tenancy no equal rights at all. One rule for tenant where they tenant can give one month notice but
the landlord have to give 2months notice. This is completely

Why there are so many different penalties rules for landlords
And where tenants are aware and some tenants misuse by lying for their personal gain.

From my point of private Rental business is the one of
business for to provide long term accommodation with agreed terms and conditions just like any other forms short lets, hotels
bed and breakfast, etc with different level of facilities and different prices.

If someone cannot afford the stay in 5star hotel would not argue that why rates so so high and expecting same rates as
for 3 or 2 star hotels.

People always fight for equal rights as man/woman,
students rights, employments rights, small business rights etc etc there should be a law to protect the landlords rights as so many of them it’s their full time job just like others.


I am afraid you will have to dream on. I forsee the the goverment bringing in an "unearned income"tax. They will not want to give us any more rights as we are an easy target and they cannot cope with those who need social housing. This will get worse as inflation and shortages will get worse , petrol gas and electric will get worse tha it is now. We are all going to be squeezed …Landlord associations are a load of cobblers as they are only interested in selling us goods and services



I agree with you but the government does things to squeeze every penny out of those who want to earn living, who rather than spend buy a 2nd house.
I think long term plan is that only big businesses will have housaes for rent as it will be too difficult, too expensive for people like you and me.
On the other hand the riches open charities and pay no taxes.


This is exactly the problem. Not an even playing field but this is doing nothing to help genuinely good tenants and seen on here quite a few people now who cannot get rental properties due to their circumstances. But Government/ Shelter etc don’t seem to see it.


Somehow as we have to make government listen
that we work very hard as we manage and it’s full time
job and it’s not like 9 to 5 and 5 days week.

As far as concerned now we have to fight for
equity rights as we might not get benefited from
doing this but would help other people.

Private landlords voice should be heard somehow as
we are human too and professional hard working and
doing the job that government/ council fail to to do their job.

I know it’s seems like I am dreaming but at least
we should let them realise that government should realise
its unfair to treat landlords as easy target and make them listen our voice.
Thank you very much all for sharing your views


If you’re not a member of the NRLA, suggest you join
That’s the best organisation for lobbying government about landlords’ rights that I’ve ever come across. Award winning company, award winning publication. Great webinars
Great website and contracts/AST’s etc

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Hi Stephan

I am a member of NRLA for many years and I use tenancy contracts, advice service etc but still not enough done.

Also I have recommended other landlords and they have become members too.


i am in the NRLA as well They used to be good when they have physical meetings now after amalgamation I do not bother with the webinars. They are only interested in selling something to you. The best thing is the 10% discount at B and Q as a landlord


We joined NRLA for a year - got sucked into buying stuff from them - it was an expensive waste of time.

Like everyone else, we feel very keenly that landlords no longer play on a level playing field. It is all for the tenants benefit and nothing in it for the landlords.

The government is being very short-sighted.


With all the changes afoot the only way the government would listen would be if on a certain date all private landlords served their tenants an eviction notice and refused to re-let. This would cause a full blown housing crisis and then the government would be more reasonable. All the changes ensure that the rich get richer and that the poorer get poorer. Taxing mortgages, succession rights, abolition of sec 21 (just wait - landlords can use sec 8 to move back into their property but there will be a law that states they can only use it the once.) If every rented house was on the open market for sale the housing problem would not go away. We have a work shy culture here in the UK with heavy reliance on benefits. There are jobs available- a redundant CEO ‘can’ pick potatoes but s/he won’t. Other EU countries have limited periods of claiming benefits and offer subscription to their youth. God forbid if the UK did this - there would be protests galore. So if landlords want equal rights - evict your tenant and create a bigger problem for the government. The problem is though decent landlords will worry about their tenants and so wouldn’t dream of such a radical act.


You get 10% discount with B&Q if you register with them for a trade card.

I’ve never joined NRLA, since they clearly are not championing the landlords cause, in respect to biased government legislation. If my assertion is considered incorrect, then they are in the least ineffectual.


Not only hard working, we also invest, in some cases, considerable sums of our money, often put at risk due to some of the governments biased legislation and legal ineptitude, also the DPS’ biased arbitration (another government legislated body).

The government will never stop meddling, they can’t afford to, because the social housing is inadequate to cope, and they have to make renting in the private sector advantageous to tenants, to relieve the pressure on them to make adequate provision.

Not to mention the councils inability to manage their own letting property, watch the “Council House Crackdown” programme for a real eye opener. If they inspected their properties on a regular basis, they would find out many of the scammers in their properties.

It certainly irks, when they persist in controlling the PRS, but can’t / won’t manage their social housing.


Couldn’t agree more at how bias the laws are… they need laws in place but for us good landlords who look after their properties is of no use and open to abuse. We’re constantly being squeezed. Properties cost a fortune to mortgage and continually maintain, what’s the point of a deposit when you have to give it back in its entirety and then go to court for damages?! What a waste of time and money that is, decent landlords just want decency fair and square!


I can only agree with all the points that landlords make. Social housing is inadequate and private. landlords pick up the pieces whilst being continually penalised by the Government.
If a 1000th of the money that local and central government spend on housing “research” and pointless legislation, was diverted into building good social housing, there would’t be a social housing problem.


If every landlord wrote to their MP, the 000’s letters would at least kick start debate, add to that associations, Facebook campaigns, associations actually using good PR to promote their cases, a stir may happen, but it has to be kept up.

Sadly all we hear about are the bad landlord cases


Hi Brian

I was thinking on same as we need 1000s signature
of landlords and can take to MP. As something need
to be done.


I am thinking of to start with to collect landlords signatures and as us suggested Facebook, openrent, NRLA representative etc
Also I know that many tenants would support as because of some really bad tenants good tenants are affected for finding the rental properties.


I would support this idea , However i fear it would be lost amongst all the other petitions online


Hi Collin
Thank you but I know that I even can at 100s
of signature of landlords in in area where I live and
landlords/ contractors who knows landlords and some
estate agents too.

I am sure I know people whom I know can support
and get signatures on paper too.

I feel really angry as the way I have been treated with
educated professional tenant.

Recently I am helping a friend who got the tenant
through the agent with reference and I could say
fraud payslip were provided, keep saying his wife
is a lawyer and threatening but when we checked
struck off SRA list, now it has been found that property
in infested with cockroaches when gas inspector went
for gas inspection. First tenant and his wife refused for
him to enter the property but then some how allowed.

Tenants don’t allow anyone else even landlord for
inspection, unpaid rent, affected the residents living
below affected by cockroaches even having treatments.
The environmental officer visited yesterday because the complaints from the residents living below affected and even tenant would not all for to inspection, talk.
Environmental officer said they will write letter and we have to contact other departments and advice us what to do.

Because of covid bad tenants stop paying rent as they know even eviction will take time. Also not paying bills council tax etc
and these bad tenants do get away.

I feel really sick of the landlords working hard and no
justification at all.
I have heard so many landlords have similar
experiences, watched on tv,

It’s about time for change for landlords and to help
good tenants too.


Hi Colin,

Can you explain what you mean by an “unearned income” tax.

Thanks, Mike.