Last day after invoking break clause

Hi, so after the first 4 months of living in a property i’ve decided ti invoke a break clause which in my contract looks like that:

“This agreement is subject to termination by either party upon giving 2 months’ notice in writing. This notice can only be
given after completion of 4 months of this agreement.”

So i thought that my last day suppose to be two months from the moment i’m giving the notice(1 week after 4 months). But the agent told me that it will be 2 months from the next full month will pass, so effectively 2 months and 3 weeks.

Basically if my first day was 28 of Jan and i’m giving notice 6 of June, then my earliest final day is 28 of August, not 6 of August.

So is he right or not? I haven’t found anything in the contract about that at all.

My understanding is that if your first day was the 28th January, and you gave notice say on the 28th, your due to leave date is the 31st March, i.e. two complete calendar months following the date of sending your email or their receipt of your termination letter. Your contract may say receipt date, otherwise posting date. I favour email sent date or letter received date, so if a letter, use registered post with next day delivery, if that exists with Covid19!

Sorry i probably haven’t explained it well. The problem is that agent argues that instead of having my final day 2 months(calendar or not) after the day i gave notice it needs to be 2 months after the next monthly payment day. So as i gave notice one week after my 4th month is done it will be 3 more weeks until the next monthly payment day. And THEN 2 months…

Effectively it extends 2 months notice to 2 months and 3 weeks.