Law change coming?

I’m not very experienced at letting, and I’ve been renovating my flat for the last few months, prior to letting it. However, I heard recently that the government is proposing to change the law, such that it will be impossible to remove a tenant who doesn’t want to leave at the end of their tenancy contract, unless they seriously violate the rules.

If this is true, someone could simply take over your property for life, so if you wanted to sell your property, or move in yourself, you wouldn’t be able to.

Is this correct, or am I mistaken? Do landlords take any precautions against this happening? Do you know when this law is likely to be enacted?

Thanks, Peter

Hi Peter, we’re just writing up a blog post about what happened. I’ll post it here when it’s live!

The short answer, though, is that you’ll still be able to evict them if selling or using the property as your own home.

Full guide to come…

Thanks, Sam. I’ll keep a look out for your blog post.

Hi Peter, here’s the post!

You can join in the debate and vote here, too.

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Hope do I vote? Am I missing something?

Hi Clive, just click here, scroll to the bottom and click the statement you agree with!


Thanks George. The option was not enabled yesterday and the voter count was ‘Nil’.

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