Three Big Questions the Government Needs to Answer about Section 21

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Our May newsletter revealed that a 90% of landlords oppose the Government’s plan to end Section 21 evictions. Over 800 landlords voted in our poll, making it a very credible assessment of the mood on this issue. What is Section 21? Quick summary here Nevertheless, there seems to be little chance that the plans will…

You’re a bit behind the news curve. Theresa May has now said Section 21 is likely to be scrapped around the end of this year, I believe. Landlords need to start taking evasive action now - whatever form that might take - in the face of this attack on our private property rights.

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Gareth2 I hope you are right but she wont be around so who will?

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There is another question that needs to be raised. Some properties are rented to tenants when the owners relocate to another country due to work commitments, there doesn’t seem to be an appropriate mechanism to allow owners to re-occupy their family home should circumstance dictate. In France landlords could evict tenants quickly if the property was for the owners or their immediate family. I would like to see such clauses inserted in to tenancy agreements in the future to protect the family home!

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Hi Gareth, I’m not so sure things will happen that quickly. The Tenant Fees Act was promised in Autumn of 2016 and has only just come into force.

Ultimately though, who knows!