Legal action against my landlord

hello everyone i have just finally moved out after a section 21 notice from my landlord that was served to me unlawfully i feel as it seemed i was only being kicked out for making complaints of there neglect to mantain there property that was infested with black mold which me and my partner lived in for almost a year we kept bringing it up to my landlord but was met with excuses of why they refuse to hire a specialist and will only hire what seemed to be “cheap”, me and my partner are disabled and have been breathing in this mold for quite some time and honestly we just really wanted to take some kind of action just so she knows how she treats her tenants and her property is unlawful and breaking many regulations, any advice and help would be much appreciated as i dont feel like a landlord like this should be able to abuse the system the way they have and get away with regulation breachs

yours sincerely

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To what extent was the mould throughout the property?

Did the landlord give an explanation as to what they believed to be the cause of the mould?

The LL brought in an expert but you deemed it too cheap? What was the result of this assessment?

What other regulations do you feel they have broken?

I’m not saying this doesn’t happen, but I will never understand why a landlord would boot out tenants because of reporting problems. It stands to reason that the next tenants would also report the problem. A landlord wants good tenants to stay.


so What did this " cheap" person report when he came around?


Why did you deem this to be “cheap” ?Did the “cheap” man blame you ? Some tenants who complain and we answer , we never hear from again after they ask for advice


ricky5 Are you going to reply to the above questions ?

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Wonder if tenant sees it as opportunity to try to get some free cash, under the usual guise of “I must protect other unfortunate souls from this dastardly being”


when they do not answer we know what they are up Mark. This one smells


Yes it’s definitely starting to pong

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I imagine it will be difficult for you to obtain redress as you have willingly left the property and surrendered the lease. You might consider 2 issues:

  1. return of deposit. Has this been settled? Are there deductions? You may want to fight it if not. Do you have photos ?
  2. Were you forcibly evicted or harrassed? Do you have evidence as such?
    NB for others in this position being served an S21 is not binding on you to leave. For that to happen your landlord has to go for accelerated possession which is through the court and you have the ability to fight it. In this case it would be a retaliatory eviction.

Not a single reply Ricky ?

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smells of a lie or sounds like somthing I have in my pond … namely" cobblers "sorry I mean cobbles


Hi, Ricky. Unless black mold is due to leak (boiler, kitchen or bathroom sinks or shower tray), THEN it’s a life-style issue that must be rectified /solved by the end user of the flat…ie THE TENANT.**

Bathroom radiator on after showering?

Leaving fan on for 20 mins or longer?

Grout is not being cleaned? It doesn’t clean itself.

Black mould is often caused by tenant’s lack of domestic cleaning. Buy spray bleach to use each night on the tiles which will prevent mould taking hold and kill the spore residue which might still be within the tile grout. Use soft brush or sponge to clean the grout regularly. Use undiluted bleach to pour in the gutter once a week.

Opening window for a hour BEFORE showering would help & of course leaving window open for an hour after would help considerably…as well as using the bleach spray nightly.

Tnts don’t like using fans, Even if connected to the light- switch they usually switch OFF a fan because its using precious energy.

Again, **If there is NOT a physical problem with ingress of water causing black mould THEN it’s a life-style issue that must be rectified /solved by the end user of the flat.

All measures mentioned above are responsibility of the tenant, who has duty of care for the flat he’s renting as stated in Tenancy Agreement. Look through them and make sure you do everything listed in this message on the regular basis in your new place. Otherwise, you will have the same problem wherever you go.

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