Tenant from hell

Yes, I did every check I was supposed to, and I got caught.
Tenancy said, no pets, she moved in 9 cats, blocked the communial passageway. Day 5 she accused me of entering her property without permission, which I didnt. Then she said I am not allowed to knock her door, saying I need 24 hours notice to visit the property. I just knocked asking her to remove the things from the communial area. Two weeks later after giving her notice, I went to remove the items from the commnial area. She stood infront of me with her phone on record, when I went near her, she dropped the phone and shouted “dont hit me, I’m pregnant” . They arrested me, kept in jail for 23 hours as she claimed she had to go to the hospital to check the baby was okay. She didnt tell me she was pregnant and I’ve since found out that she has 5 children in care. I took a caution as there was no evidence, of assult but I admitted to moving her out the way. I now cant visit my property, maintain the garden, or use my garage which contains the tools of my trade. And all I can do is wait until she is two months in arrears to issue the Section 21. She knows the system, wont show me any proof of claiming Housing, now Universal Credit. She has blocked the garden for other tenants, parks in other people bay, and is probably waiting until she pockets the rent and wait until the balliffs arrive.

I’m not one for revenge, but its fustrating she can do this to me. The courts dont take into consideration that I have no motive to get a tenant and harrass them, which is what she is claiming. They also will not take into consideration she has done this before (since found out).

Really feel your pain. Sadly I have no words of wisdom. Other than, I managed to get mine out in 4 months. Sect 21, court, then bailiffs. Only advise I would give, keep phoning the court, gentle nudge. Think that’s why mine went through quickly. But I was using Lewes /Brighton Court in Sussex. Good luck. Hang on in there.it will get easier.

Hi Tracey,

We’re really sorry to hear of these issues. One of the team have reached out to you by email with some guidance here - do reply to us if you’ve any further questions


Jesus what a nightmare. No rent guarantee insurance?