Tenant left but talking about solicitors!

My tenant left after Section 21 served. After Section 21, they complained council regarding some issues and I was suprised to see the condition of the bathroom. It looks like, they run it with leak and ruined it without notifying me to fix. Then they have face to complain about it.
Now I am in the process of sorting deposit. To be honest I am happty that they left but if I let them go without any action then I wonder if this can be considered as an accaptance of the condition is my fault and put me in a difficult situation in case they decide to file anything against me after they left.

Any advice please?
Many thanks

I imagine council may see it as a revenge report, if its the first time reported. I wouldn’t worry at all.

I would certainly claim for bathroom damage off the deposit if you suspect they have not reported leak to you and this has caused unnecessary damage.

Do you have evidence of inspections and a good inventory? Checkout photos of damage?

What other issues have they reported to council?

well I have exactly the same situation. Can you believe a newly painted bathroom completely wrecked within 1 Yr by not opening window and not using extractor. paint has flaked all over, floor flooded with marks, new flooring gone, but everything thing is our fault! we did not put good flooring and did not use good paint! they hid the flooring damage with a mat at inspection only to find it at check out.
When I questioned that they did not report water seeping thro the floor, they felt harassed and complained to council. I am not tolerating nonsense anymore. I have a legal cover too but I don’t think they have any grounds. However these days it is all about their rights, infringements and landlords have no respect at all no matter how good one is. It is ridiculous the way the tenants exploit their rights yet disregard the properties they live in and supposed to look after.


This kind of pathetic fake sensitivity by tenants will work against them. Their genuine claims will not be taken seriously, the cry wolf effect.


Thank you for your reply. I am at fault not inspecting the property during the tenancy and putting my trust in them. I have inventory but no photos for check in so it is all written. But in the contract it states that not returning it with ammendments is an accaptance. Check out photos will be taken today.
Other issues: Apparently I needed window limiters for the first floor (newer knew!). They are all lockable (also two stage locable for air) but council stated that we need limiters.
We need additional step at the entry - never noticed as we lived there but apprently current access step is higher than requirements. She also complained (not come out in Council report) about blind pull cords for safety and Immediately purchased what is necessary and asked her to give me a date for me to fix all of them (as I take it seriously) and she denied my access and never bothered to get them fixed!!!
They broke Oven glass door and expect me to get it repaired. I did not get it done as it is not wear and tear then suprisingly it developed a electrical fault with a bent heating element! I got oven repaired electrically. Then it developed electrical fault again! As it is difficult to prove why electrical faulty is due I ended up getting a replacement! Then they were complaining being without oven! This put me off being a landlord to be honest too much hassle.
And as they show the bathroom to council they asked me to put a waterproof flooring! As if leak is ok!!!
By the way they did not pay last rent although I denied this so this left little deposit! As this is old tenancy I have two months but I assume those who has 5 weeks only will suffer more as bad tenant might have tendency to not pay last rent and try to recover deposit and rely on the landlord not going court!

My lessons learned from this last tenancy is to inspect every quarter stop being trusting!#
I do not have any legal cover (a big lesson!)

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There are many reasons to inspect regularly apart from trust in the tenant.


yes I agree, always do inspections every quarter.
Mark you know some people have so much time to do such petty things and give us sleepless nights!


It’s all very well saying inspect regularly my tenant is refusing to allow inspections so my hands are tied.

Background is I served a sect 21 last sept which was ignored, tenant made false claims to the police that I entered the property without his permission, all lies I have his consent in writing. He even posted his lies on this forum claiming harassment, apparently serving him a sect 21 and wanting him out of my property is harassment.

I was vilified as a bad landlord by David122 and Colin3 in particular who blindly believed his lies.
Roll on six months and he’s still there overcrowding the property and now in rent arrears and refusing inspections.

@Lynn1 do you have a link to that post?

No I’m not IT savvy. And re hashing his lies won’t make a blind bit of difference to the fact he’s still playing the system. End Of.

I’m sorry that you feel that you were vilified by me in a post. Without knowing which one its difficult to comment. I do try not to be disparaging about people on the forum, but at the end of the day we have to take the posts on here at face value.


I don’t feel I was vilified I was vilified
In this instance both of you took
my tenants accusations about me at face value and decided they were true, openly declared me in your replies as a bad landlord even apologising to him on behalf of “good” landlords.

Six months on he believes he’s even more entitled and more delusional still lying and breaching his tenancy agreement, he’s overcrowding the property refusing inspections and in rent arrears and playing the system beautifully.

I prefer to take tenants posts slagging if there landlords with a pinch of salt.

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just as we take your post at face value. Are we to take landlords slagging off tenants with a pinch of salt ?Works both ways

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I’m pretty sure you do, having followed your posts.
You two run with the hares and run with the hounds.

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there is always a middle ground . So that you do not get the landlord or the tenant you deserve. End of

Save your opinions for someone who actually cares about what you have to say.

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i will reply to myself. Colin 3 “if she does not care ,why does she keep replying?”

I am not on anyone’s side exclusively if thats what you were hoping for. I call out bad practice that is reported on the forum and if it turns out to be a lie its of little consequence since the forum is anonymous and there is no harm done. The information will always be useful to someone reading it.


I am not hoping for anything I don’t need you or anyone else to take my side. I am stating that I was judged purely on the rantings of a bad tenant, no one stopped to consider why would I serve a sect 21 to a good tenant ?
I wasn’t given any opportunity to refute or provide any evidence of his lies.
The forum being anonymous doesn’t justify shredding anyones character without obtaining evidence.
Lies are never of little consequence unless you’re the liar.

I have said allI have to say I don’t want any replies the damage was done, he now feels and behaves even more entitled.