Length of tenancy

I have a student house and would like my 2023/24 contract to run for 11 months and 2 weeks rather than the standard 12 months. This is to prevent the start date running into September. (Each year I have a few days void between tenants for cleaning and maintenance.) Am I tied to 12 months or is it possible to create a contract for a shorter period?

You can create a contract for however long you wish. Many student landlords have 10 month contracts, but I never favoured this approach when I had student properties.

Bear in mind that if the proposals in the recent Government white paper around periodic tenancies become law you will not be able to create ANY fixed term tenancies and I’m not sure whether any private student rentals will still be viable.

I have no idea whether Openrent’s Rent Now option can accommodate an 11 month 2 week rental if that’s what you’re asking.

Thank you, that’s very helpful. Rent Now deals in whole months only but I’ll be able to adjust the length of the contract at the amendments stage.

The white paper is rather alarming. I wonder if the consequences have been fully thought through? I suspect not.