Length of time to sign contract

found tenant and got contracts raised but he failed to tell me he can’t sign until he has had his results ie. 17 aug. which is OK but didn’t tell me.
Now my flat off market as contracts raised. how long should one wait for a contract to be signed before putting back on the market or cancel contract and put back on the market as if he fails hisexams he won’t sign! and I’m delayed 2.5 weeks. place avail 3 Sept.

It depends how accommodating you want to be. This is to a large extent a peculiarity of the student market. If you’re in that market then you either have to put up with that or advertise that you can only accept students that have unconditional offers.

I would also suggest you don’t offer tenancy agreements so far in advance of the tenancy either. Your problem now is that having offered the agreement, its not easy to withdraw it as you could be sued for breach of contract. Holding deposits are a valid alternative.

Yes thx you. I’ve not signed the agreement but I will give him until he gets his results as could b a 3 year let, rent pays every 6 months.
Good point about signing too early. Demand so high I don’t need to rush.

Since your flat’s off the market now, you can give 'em a little time to sort things out, but I wouldn’t wait too long. Maybe a week or so tops, and if they can’t sign, you gotta do what you gotta do and put it back on the market.

You dont have to have signed the agreement to make it a valid contract unless it includes wording to that effect.

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